Letters From Forgotten Ancestors

The Hunt, King, Taylor,
Fawks, Lancaster, Mitchell
and Harris Connection.

Shelby County Tennessee

“Can you suggest who has the old King Bible?”
~ 1891 ~
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There is no envelope.
Memphis Tenn.,
August 31st 1891
Miss Frank King,
Your kindly letter, in answer to mine, has been received in due time. Allow me to thank you for the information contained in it, and also for the interest you have taken in the matter referred to. I will be glad to continue the correspondence, and will take pleasure in being the means of communication between Uncle Will and you. He is at present residing in Fort Worth Texas, 614 West 13th St. I am busy with the assistance of others in proving our title to the “Edward’s Estate,” and hope to succeed. At present I find it a difficult task to undertake. I think that I have succeeded in tracing our remote ancestors, the present trouble is in finding the parents of Abigail King and William King.
(1) Can you tell me what part of North Carolina your grandfather, William King, was from?
(2) Did he have any brothers or sisters. If so, please give me their names.
(3) Did you ever hear of the name Sumner in the family, or rather that his mother was a Sumner?
(4) Can you suggest who has the old King Bible?
I have heard that the mother of Abigail King was a Miss Sumner, but from where I cannot tell. Possibly she was your grandfather’s mother also? Miss King, is there any very aged relative or friend of the King family that possibly could give me any information of them? I am afraid that I will tire you with my communication, but I know that you will feel that is for your good as well as mine that these inquiries are ___ I suppose you know that Uncle Will has a grown son named Winfrey who is his only child living, the youngest having died several years ago.
With hope that I may again hear from you, and that we all may soon be able to fully prove descent,
I remain
Your friend
(Mrs.) Inez V. Tighe

113 Alabama St.

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot.
Provenance: Keith Finley, 1998

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