The West is delightfull ...
Chicago, Cook County Illinois
~ 15 April 1851 ~

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       CHICAGO ILL Apr 15
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       Wm Russell Proctor
       Fitchburg, Mass

Chigago Ill. April 15, 1851

       I have an hour now to state that I shall go out this eve probably on the Canal to Perew or Peroia which will occupy some 36 hours. I was very much disappointed in Detroit in being left from the St. Louis, but I am very glad of all now, since I have met with no loss whatever. The West is delightfull in fertile lands and I find the people more intelligent and better company than I expected. Every thing is very cheap far as food goes. I have to overhaul as my old shoes are getting out at the sides. Give my love to Mama a month ago I was at her place. To Mother I suppose you are all at the house busy. To Tim who may have learned well to handle a skin before this. To look who I know must have learned all her arithmetic a part of her grammar & geography by this day. I hope she will write with others and let me know what is going among you. Peaches are in bloom. Some trees begin to look green from the tender foliage. I had a most capital Sunday last. I recon I never fared so well. I have seen several wild turkeys and much game but have had no great desire to hunt. Lucretia can have a far better farm this way with good neighbors than at Leominster. I suppose Flint has got well with his Father. I presume you will excuse me for not writing last week and will pardon this very poor note now. You will hear from me again in ten days. It is not always convenient to write and then I have been very busy. I now sit in the U.S. Land Office and use a bit of their paper. Wm. must not come here until I write again or perhaps I may come back not however more than to tell him how to handle things at the ____ perhaps Jo would then be read to farm it here and would come to claim his land. I like what I have seen better than I expected. Again my love to all and I remain in great hasted yours truly at home------


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