... my youngest daughter Eliza died ...
~ 6 March 1891 ~
Christian County Kentucky
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To: Wesley Dudly Sizemore - Lancaster Missouri - cousin
From: Martha Sizemore Hardy - wife of Joshua Hardy - Sinking Fork, Christian Co Ky
Our Source: Frances Sizemore & Dawn Westfall

Sinking Ford, Ky
March 6, 1891

Mr. Wesley Sizemore

Mr Dear Cousin

       After a silence I now try to answer your wellcome letter I received in due time and was glad to hear from you and that you had a nice time while visiting your relations would have ritten sooner but have not had the opportunity we have had sickness in our family ever since you was here my oldest daughter Bettie has been sick five weeks but can sit up a little now and my youngest daughter Eliza died the 25th of last month. She was not sick but one week the rest of the family is well as common. Brother Tom and Sister Nancy Hardy has been sick every since you was here but are able to sit up a little now. Cousin Wesley I thought the group you sent me of your children are very nice and I appreciate them very much. They got broke some in coming which damaged them very much but I am proud to have them as they are I have not got as group of my children now to send you but when they have some taken I will send you one the girls will tell you they would write to you soon. Bettie and Marry thought the largest girl standing up in the group was the prettiest one of all but I think they are good looking.
       We are having the coldest weather for the past week that we have had this winter but I hope it will not last long as it is time for pleasant weather now the girls said tell you there flowers are blooming now and that you must come back and get you a nice button hole bouquet well I must bring my few lines to a close as I have yet severe other letters to write this morning hope these lines will find you well some more at present write soon and come to see us when you can

Yours Respectly,
Martha Hardy

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