Diamond Island School
~ 1794 ~
Henderson County Kentucky
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       The narrative was taken to Miss Susan Towles, City Librarian, by Ora Chandler. She showed Ora the following article in her book -Henderson - Home of Audubon, page 65:
       “Before the Indian war whoop had ceased along the Ohio River, Henderson County had a school though its location has not been definetly established. The question of its site depends on which of the Ohio River island was then called Diamond Island. Captain John Dunn was a patron of this school as is shown by the following order.”

       Capt. John Dunn
       Henry Patmers - Henderson County Ky.
       October 26, 1794

Capt, John Dunn:

Sir - please pay Russell Hewitt, or order, ten shillings, your quarterly subscription to my school, at Diamond Island, and this shall be your sufficient receipt.

October 26, 1794 Henry Patmers
Teste: John Devritt

       This school was conducted in an unhewn log structure with the stick chimney so characteristic of Kentucky log houses, Miss Towles was delighted with Ora’s article and said it definetly proved the Diamond Island near Corydon, Ky, was the site. She planned erection of State Historical Placque, but was not completed before her death.

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