“There is a very good deposit Gold Mine on the property . . .”

~ 1857 ~

Burke County, North Carolina
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Envelope and single sheet letter.
Manuscript free frank postmark:
Saml McD. Tate PM
Lemuel Williams Esq
Letter’s Author:
Samuel McDowell Tate

Morganton NC
Aug 17 1857
Lemuel Williams Esq
     Worcester Mass
         Dear Sir
                          Your favor of 7th instant to Dr. W. L. McKee enclosing a bond given by him, myself & others for the sale of the Bradley Mine to Horace Laswell was recd by the Executor and handed to me for answer. The Doctor died some two years ago but leaving no children and his wife being sole heir to the property, there can be no difficulty in making title desirable.
     We gave Prof. Ellery honor on several other properties from which we have not heard.
     You said it would take Twelve Hundred dolls: to make the explorations you propose in order to determine whether you will buy the “Bradley Mine.” We have become this one of our number and the ___ less inclined to prosecute this business and in as much as some delay might ensue and you necessarily run some risk of losing your $1200 we act as liberally with you as you have been frank and candid with us, by agreeing th sell you our entire right, title and interest (which we can satisfy you is ample and complete) for one Thousand dolls: thereby saving you Two hundred dollars at the outset.
     Then if you find it valuable of course you will have all the advantages. Our matter here are in such a condition that we are compelled to close them up in some way at an eary day in justice to ourselves.
     We have invested money in thr property among others and realized, as yet, nothing.
     There is a very good deposit Gold Mine on the property which by the Hydraulic process would yield I believe $5. pr day pr the hand, but it will require a fund to put it in operation which illy suits our means and unsettled condition.
     I will not make any further arrangement till I again hear from you. Intending to do any thing which is honorable and fair that you may require, I submit whether the proposition I have made you is not a very, very, liberal one. Hoping to hear from you soon.
I am Sir

Very Respectfully    
Your o.b.t. Servt.
Saml McD. Tate

     Free Frank Letter, 1857, Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina. Letter and cover are signed by Saml McD. Tate (local postmaster in 1857). Samuel McDowell Tate was a Confederate Colonel, 6th North Carolina. Later, he was North Carolina State Treasurer, 1892-95.
     While this letter was writen from Morganton North Carolina, it is possible that the Bradley Mine was located in South Carolina. We find Bradley Mines in these South Carolina Counties: Cherokee, Greenwood, and York.

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