“. . . I embrace this opportunity to inform you
. . . of the death of your mother. . .”
~ 1850 ~

Wake County, North Carolina
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Stampless Folded Letter Sheet
Red Circular Postmark (partial):
RALE __ N.C 26 JUL 5 , and manuscript: 10
Mr Turner Fuller
Letter’s Author:
John B. Johns

July 20th 1850
Dear Sister
I embrace this opportunity to inform
you, supposing you have not been informed hitherto, of the death of your mother. She died on the sixth instant in the morning. She had been lingering during the last twelve months, but lived until the above named time. The other connection are all in their usual health.
I now desire you to inform me as administrator who you constitute your agent to act for you here or how I must act with regard to your interest in the estate. We shall have a sale on the seventh of August to dispose of the perishable property and we wish to manage the negros, land, &c. with as little expense to the estate as possible. You can therefore prepare you an agent here, and we hope you will, and direct him how to proceed by the seventh of August or as soon as you can.
Yours affectionately
John B. Johns

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot

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