“...the largest, most severe earthquake
that I have ever felt...”
~ 1905 ~
Elko County Nevada
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Stamped envelope (original transmittal cover) with Scott #319 2c carmine tied by blue TOANA / NEV.
Blue circular postmark, Doane cancel, struck partly off top of cover:
       TOANA. NEV. NOV 14 1905 10AM
Backstamps, black circular receiving marks:
       1: OAKLAND CAL. NOV 15 12- M 19 05
       2: OAKLAND CAL. REC'D STA. B NOV 15 2 PM 1905
       Miss Jennie S Nicholson
       #658 East 28th St
       East Oakland
       Ans- Nov 19 - 05
Toana cover

Toano Nev
Nov 13, 05
My dear Wife
Well as you can see we are still here and the stuff has not come yet.
I wonder when it will come. I begin to think it wont be for some time. I had expected to receive a letter from you today, having left orders in Elko for it to be forwarded here but there was nothing doing.
I suppose that Josh in Elko had overlooked it and consequently I am without my usual Sunday letter. I am sure that you wouldn’t forget me especially on my Sunday letter. I still have the last one I received in my pocket. The one you wrote after your t___ the other night.
Say kiddie, if you only could see this place, how dreary it is, you would understand the uninteresting letter I am writing.
There is absolutely nothing here except an old stone store with hotel attached and a station which they are tearing down. There hasn’t been an agent here for a long time and the station is in a very advanced stage of dilapidation. When we were lying around after arriving the other day, there came along the largest, most severe earthquake that I have ever felt.
The houses swayed and the brick chimney on the station swayed over and touched the weather vane. I was surprised not to see it fall, but supposed that the vane held it up and the next instant the house was under it again.
Well I never want to see another like it. Some of the boys were made seasick by it and some so scared that they turned as white as this paper. It was the worst ever. Any way darling will try eh-
Your loving husband

Collection of Fred Smoot
Provenance: David G. Phillips, Miami, Florida (eBay Auction, 2005)

Toano, Elko County, Nevada, 1868 - 1906
Toano, aka Toana, was establish in 1868 by the Central Pacific Railroad as both a crew and engine change point and a division point. By 1877, the railroad move the division point westward to Wells Nevada. After 1880, Toano’s prosperity declined. Only some original stone foundations and the remnants of a cemetery are visible today.

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