Occupation: “Cowboy”
~ 1910 ~
Nye County Nevada
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Pre-printed return envelope.
Circular black postmark:
       CURRANT NEV SEP 3 AM 1910
       Two U.S. 1 cent stamps
       KAN., U.S.A.

       Three Buildings

Letter    Man is Blind

Envelope    Order Blank

Report of Agency

Currant Sept 2/1910
W.W. Gavitts
  Enclose find $1.00 greenback for one box of Gavitts System Regulator please put up in capsules as I am a cattle man and riding after cattle most of my time it would be more convenient for me to use. My stomach is bad and my kidneys in fact my whole system seems to be out of order. Please send by return mail without delay and oblige.
Mr. Joseph Cazier
Nye Co

1.  The W.W. Gavitt Medical Co. of Topeka Kansas appearently saved their mail orders since there are a great many of these orders in the hands of collectors and postal history dealers. Their monetary value is small but these orders may have family value to descendants.
2.  From the Nevada State Museum Newsletter website:
“...The [Cazier] family acquired the uppermost ranch on Current Creek around the turn of the century when Samuel Cazier and his sons, Edcil, Joseph, Hyrum, Edmond, and Owen came and purchased the property...
“...This enterprising family from Utah was, like most families in the area at the time, very self-sufficient. They produced most of their own food, including vegetables in their garden in addition to the hay and grain they raised for sale. Their orchard provided fruit to be eaten fresh or dried for the winter, a smokehouse converted the hogs they raised into hams, and a waterwheel on the property powered a gristmill, which converted grain into flour. Wood for construction of ranch buildings came from the sawmill the brothers operated in the nearby mountains; they also provided lumber and timber for area ranchers and miners until the 1920s. Although the brothers sold their ranch, descendants of the Caziers remain in the area...” Robert D. McCracken and Jeanne Sharp Howerton, A History of Railroad Valley, Nevada, Central Nevada Historical Society, 1996.

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