We have but Little News in Circulation
Excepting ... the Cholera

Stark County Ohio
~ 29 August 1832 ~

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Letter Note:
       Apparently, this letter was hand carried from Massillon, Stark County Ohio, to Detroit Michigan where Jason Stimson placed the letter in the U. S. mails. Michigan was still a U. S. territory at the time of the mailing therefore the letter displays a territorial postmark. The |  M. T.  | in the address stands for Michigan Territory.
Cholera Note:
       Asiatic cholera, endemic to the Indian subcontinent, originally came from the Ganges Delta region of India, and arrived in the British Isles in 1831. Irish emigrants brought the disease to Quebec Canada in the spring of 1832. It reached New York City in June and Buffalo New York by mid July 1832. See our King Cholera page.

Folded Letter Sheet (Stampless Cover)
Circular handstamp postmark:

Manuscript Postal Rate:
       Mr. Herman Castle
       Royal Oak
       Oakland County
       |  M. T.  |

Massillon Stark County Ohio, Aug 29 1832
Dear Sir
       Having an oppertunity to send a line by Jason Stimson formerly from Mendor who starts for Detroit this morning. I will improve it by writing you a few lines and inform you where I am and the business that I have entered into. I have gone into the Mercantile business with Alvin Vinton my youngest Brother in this place about sixty miles south of Cleaveland on the Canal, we commenced here about the 12 of June, it has been a dull season of the year since we have been here, but we have done as good a Business as we expected. We have but little news in circulation excepting the Bank veto and the Cholera. The Cholera has not been with us, there has been a few cases but a short distance North & South of us on the Canal. I received a letter from Valintine about five days ago stating that the Cholera was at Mendon Corners and at Waughum [?], he said that he was attacked with in but got medical aid so soon that he was then quite smart. Esq Lyon died with it in about 20 hours after thye attack at Mendon -- --
       McNaughton and Clerk died with it and six others. Lydia is now at her fathers, she stayed with her friends there this summer. I start [for] Virtor [?] in about five days and expect she will return with me. Stimson is a clerk in a store in this place.
       Write me in about four weeks so that I can receive it on my return. Remember me to your Lady and family, also to Perkins, and Knapps family -- --
       Excuse all the errors.
Yours in hast      
John Vinton

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