“. . . I can shew you as good a Wife
as the World affords . . .”
~ 1846 ~

Anderson County, South Carolina
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Stampless Folded Letter Sheet
Red Circular Postmark:
        PENDLETON S. C.
        MAR 21
Manuscript: 5
        Mr. E. A. Davis
        Decatur Dekalb County
Letter’s Author:
        J. Steele

March 20th 1846
Dear Sir
        It has been so long since I arrived at home that you begin to despair of again hearing from me as I promise to write you on my return; I got safe to Augusta had a good deal of fun out of that little lump of officiousness Adair, I arrived three hours two late for the stage that Runs to Pendleton and had to weight its return which was three Days; I found all my family well on my Return and Sarah was verry glad to see me once more as much Rejoices that I was not pleased with Texas; my return from Texas has put a great many persons out of the thoughts of removing there I have advised those that were not satisfied heare to go and look for them selves as what would not suit me would perhaps suit them; there has lately one of my neighbours returned from the upper part of Texas and gives a verry unfavorable account of it. I do not think there will be many Emigrants from these parts to the young Sister State soon; I got another set of volumes of the wandering Jew in Augusta and have read them through I could make out a long bill of exceptions against them I find with the exception of Rose and Blanch who are two young for crime and withal two little Simpletons Dagobert and his Dog are the onely two good characters in the Book and of the pair I think killjoy the best; if poor old Jovial the horse had not so sudenly been disputed he would probably have been entitled to have completed the trio; beyond this narrow circle I do not remember a man woman or child unstained by some moral obliquity; the catastrophe is week lame Impotent and winds up like the Renneport bonds by onely produceing smoke; I have been weekly expecting to get some Money which has been the cause of my not Riting to you but have not as yet collected it from the source I expected it from I however have two hundred Dollars which I can let you have (if I have been two late) if you still wish to Borrow some and you think worth while to come after as small amount I will keep it two weeks for yoy or longer if you will rite me to do so; W. D. Steele and family were heare a shorte time ago William expressed a wish to visite you some time in May and authorised me to Rite that if Amanday would come out hear he would come prepaird to bring her if she can find the time wee all would be verrey glad that she could do so but a Lady that has two widowers for beaus has not much time but I hope she has give the preacher his dismissal as I am a little bordering on the subject of Matrimony say to Amandy that Martha A McElroy is married to Mr. Wilks and that her Cousin John B Ferril is a courting the Widow Griffin, (esquire Griffins widow) I believe A is well acquainted with her; I commence planting Corn on yesterday provision is not as scarse as was anticipated Corn Ranges from one Dollar to 75 cents if there comes a few warm Days winter is over and corn falls and if there is a few cold days corn is up to a Dollar again I expect in about two months it will be hard to get at any price I have sold 7 loads of husks at four Dollars pr load the poor cattle are suffering greatly. Brother William returned home on monday was a week ago and has been on his tour collecting Tax; I have just heard from him he is some better; Sarah will go up there to Day and to Roberts on tomorrow Robert enjoys good health and I believe is doing as well as aney person that keeps Batchlors Hall; I should Be verrey glad to see aney of you out hear I have promised my self that it is the Last time I shall visite you all out there until I at least see one half of you out hear I can shew you as good a Wife as the World affords and a promising family of children as aney person could wish for in this section of Country you must not accuse me of being an Egotist for I never sat any thing of myself or family Sarah Jions me in Love to you all also to Brother Robert and familey Rite me soon and let us hear all the news have you heard from your Sister Eliza lately

yours Truley
J. Steele

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: Robert Baker, 1998

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