“You are not Going to get Ike’s
Socks and Clothes Here”
~ 1851 ~

Calhoun County, South Carolina
Copyright © 2000, Frederick Smoot. All Rights Reserved.

Stampless Folded Letter Sheet
Blue circular postmark:
        StMATTHEWS S.C.
        JUN 28
Manuscript: 10
        Mrs C E Watson
        Bergess Home P. O.
Letter’s Author:
        Mary M. Spigener

High Hill Creek 26th 1851
        My Dear Sister
        I received yor letter last week an would have written be fore now to you but I was sick but Henrietta wrote to yoy all the family is tolerable well at this time. budy Davis family is well budy Billy was over last Saturday. he looked well an said that his family was well Mother sends her love to you and Ike an says that you dont want to see her any worse than she wants to see you and you must make the time to come home as short as possibly and she will have the cloth spun and wove for you. Mrs. Smoke’s family sends there love to you and cousin Hariet says that must wright to me if you want that quilt or no for she wants to go to work on it baby say that she will wright to you next week and she is not afraid of your whipping her for she can out run you. Henrietta received your letter yesday and says that she will wright to you next week Your Hydrandra has got seventeen or nineteen bloom on it this year We heare from unkle John's last sunday they were all well we told Hary to tell them what you wrote. Mrs. Walling an girls send there love to you and Miss Rachel says that you are married and going off now and you are not going to get Ike’s socks and clothes here. Paul says that pretty Poney is his an he in ten to have it. We have one of the bigist fuses on High hill creek that you ever heare of Mr. Cooner have been tring to make Par mad for the last four or five months and he would not take any notice of it until last week an he could not stand it any longer I believe that he wanted to mak Par mad for he tried every way in the world but but what he don last week no decent family could put up with it nor no gentleman would have don it. I cant write any more about it for I am too mad myself but Budy Daniel was to wright to Budy Ike last monday an he will tell you all about it. Dear Sister you must excuse my short letter for I cant think of much more to wright you must answer this as soon as you get it you do not know the pleasure it gives me to receive a letter from you if I only could see you just to talk with you a little bit I will come to a close all the family joins me in love to you an Budy Ike.

I remain you affectionate sister
Mary M. Spigener

PS all the negros sends howdy to you Jack and Piner Granny is very proud to here that Jack was married she says that he is got some body to pack for him tell Jack that I hope he is got a better looking wife than Adny Cooner an Grace Chin wants to know if you have forgoten her for you never say a word her etc, etc.

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: Robert Baker 1997

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