“. . . I suppose you saw bigmouth Jim . . .”
~ 1849 ~

Kershaw County, South Carolina
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Stampless Folded Letter Sheet
Manuscript postmark:
        Flat Rock } S C
        Feb 24
Manuscript rate: 5
        Wm Benton Esqr
        Wades Barone C. H.
        Anson County
        in haste
Letter’s Authors:
        Edith Trusdel and Jesse Trusdel
Letter, side 1:

Flat Rock S. C
Febuary the 22 1849
Mr. William Benton
Dear sur -- I now take the priveliedge of riting you a few lines to let you no that we are all well at presant hoping these few lines may finde you and all of they famely well -- tel Sister that Brother Seaborn and Elenor loste there babe a fine girl -- the rest are well -- old uncle William Hilton is on the mend and old uncle Brewer is as well as comon -- tel your Mother to come down as soon as convienient I would of rote to her but have said that I never would until she would to me. I suppose you have heard of they Brownes conduct here with Father Trusdel they money that was stold before your Father was down here it is thought that they got a parte of it some of the nabours say that they havent been right since and after they last was taken they cut out -- I suppose you saw bigmouth Jim there and sold him acarage -- I wish you would try and finde out which way he went from Rocking ham if you can who it was that saw him with they negros on the rod to halies fery -- we under stand that he had hager by his side in the carage and Isaac on hors back behinde -- I expect Verge was in with him -- also I want you to finde out all you can and as soon as you can and rite back to us if you please and let us no what course he has gone, the scamp -- rite how all of your Fathers famely is -- I want to se you all very much -- give all of they children howdy for me -- so I must come to a close so no more at preasent but remains your friend ------
Edith Trusdel
To Mr William Benton

Letter, side 2:

Dear William I drop you a few lines I woosh you to Shend to your Father -- I cannot as yet get an Answer from our atorney Conserning our Bisness in Lancaster or a bout the Bonds we cant Colect any more yet nar dos not expect to til Court but their Shall be no time Lost hear after and we intend to hold on to the ballance til we are certain how it is to be divided though we cant heare any thing from the boys in the west -- Chesnut Said to me that the bonds would not go out of date til July but I will write to him Soon as i can know what answer to give him, but my opinion is that to stop all trouble hear after would be to put it in the court of Equity and it would end all disputes hear after --
Dear Sir give my love and Respects to all the family and except the Same your Self.

Jesse Trusdel

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: Robert Baker 1998

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