Letters From 
Forgotten Ancestors

“...i stand and cry the most of the time ...”
~ 1904 ~
Murray County Indian Territory
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       Miss Grover Taylor

Davis I T.
May 3, 1904

Well we received your leter yesterd was glad to hear from you all lilie is bed this morning has bin sice sunday had a chill sunday and i think she will have one to day i dont feel very well but i havent had eny chills this year but i have so much to bair with i dont see how i do live the boys take ther diners with them and gone all day and Lillie is sick so much i have sad time of it i stand and cry the most of the time ah i do miss that seete child i go to her grave but that is all i can see grover i now it is sad to you all but it can be as bad to you as it is to mee i see her little clothes and play things ever time i turn round i now there has bin many deaths back there since we left the little home and proble she would have died there but i feell like if i was there i would have her with mee to day all tho the little one has missed a lot of troble as well as some good times she did loft to have her fun Jessie and her went a fishin on saturday they meat some pople saining and they got a big mess of fish and it sprinkled rain as she come home and she had her new bonet on and to try to save it she come running home with it under her dress to save it she was so good to save her clothes her brown dress is just as nice as ever and her wite one to you now there arnot many children would have eny thing and not have a torn plac in them grover she left a new dress that wasent made she bought it her self and pade for it her self and hade her own monie for it she was working for Jessie to get her another one she said she was going saterday to get it and the place of her going and get her dress i had to send and git it for her to be put way where i cant see her ware it oh you dont now how deare she feels to mee i feel just like want to dye and be put way with her and then i would want the rest of them to come back there if they wanted to but she is dear to me to leave so far behind but if they cant have ther helth beter i will try to come home but i couldnt bring her with me and it looks hard for me to leave her i had told her we would go home next chrismas if we made a nuff monie i dont now wheter we will make a nough to get out of det or not tell Flossie doing well is hard to beat if i could have owr helth i would feel like i would be satisfid what are you going to do when you leave home you may never see it again dont think so much a bout having fine clothes i love to people look nice and clean but health before eny thing and you have that there i hav bin so sory for the children when they are sick so much some times be fore hattie died i would think o well i will let her and Lillie go on and i would stay on tile fall and see if we cold make a nough to get ther on but i hated to start them i was a fraid i never would see them a gan oh i have put the little one a way and many haf to put the other one be fore long i dont now because i wasent thinking of such as come before mee ah now dont now how bad i do miss her we heard of many death and Mr Davis man is ded to well we all haft to dye but you now Hattie wanted to live if i could went in her place i would haft to see so much trouble but she would have to bin left with out enyone to care for her and the little thing all ways would say she wanted to stay where i did and it is so hard for mee to give her up i miss her so bad cant be contented i have greived and lost so much sleep I havent I am so weak I cant hardly do my work I dont have my mind on it Well I cant think of eny thing to write most is on my mind is that dear child & now I have 4 more and i think as much of one as i do of the other but she was the last and had to go and leave us and was so little when her pa died and i was all she had to look to but one gods blessing i dont now when i ever give her a whiping to hert her and i am glad of that grover you said she wasent like no other child i am like you there she never did bother other peoples buisness are tell eny thing to case a fuss grover she left the dress on her doll that you mad that morning at our home where we all was to gether that can never be eny more well she was a dear child to us Ever one that saw her loved her the people that was at her burin said she was pretty her hair was combed with a plat on top of her head and tied with a white ribon her robe was trimed with lace but did get eny of it to send you all and had her slipers put on her that she had picked her self she was so it was getting warm so she could wire them the little thing all ways thought what she had was pretty i was glad she was that way she wanted nice things but on her she got them she was satisfide long as they was fit to wear i wile send a piece of her bonet it is pink lined with blue she thought it was so nice well i dont want to talk bout eny thing but her i wish she could come in rite now Well Lillie has had a nother chill and is com planing with her legs and back wear having some rain to day corn and cotton is up her we have cold nother here our garden looks ver well i have saled to eat had cabage last night for super bought them i dont have my garden on my mind much well i will quit i dont now whether you can read it are not this is for all Lillie cant write you all
write Bettie Williams

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