~ The Bad News Confirmed ~
~ 1836 ~
Brazos County, Texas
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The Kentucky Republican, Hopkinsville Kentucky, April 16, 1836 :
        From: George C. Childers - Washington , Brazos, Tx.

Dear Sir,
        The unpleasant intelligence has just reached this place, by express, from the commander-in-chief, on the western frontier, that a renewed attack was made, on Sunday morning, the 6th inst., led by Santa Ana, in person --- that previous to the attack, the Mexican cavalry formed a circle around the city to prevent the escape of any person---that the infantry made an attack simultaneously on the four sides of the Alamo, which was carried by assault at sunrise -- that the resistance of the garrison was desper ate, and the loss very great on the part of the Mexican infantry.

        Every man in the Alamo died fighting, except seven, who, when the place was carried, laid down their arms and cried out for "quarters and Santa Ana," but were immediately put to death by the orders. Col. Travis, the commandant, committed suicide as soon as he lost all hope -- he was a proscribed man by the Mexican government -- a price had been set on his head, and he was determined not to be taken alive. Col. Bowie, who was very ill in bed, also put an end to his own existence. The bodies of Americans were burnt as rebels, says the dispatch, and the blood-red banner of extermination now waves in undisputed possession of San Antonio. Alas, poor Crockett! He was among them! You cannot conceive the state of feeling existing here -- it is electric -- v olcanis. The siege of San Antonio, last fall, was a frolic, but you may depend there is now to be war in earnest. Santa Ana comes himself, and will make it a serious business. The people of the colonies expected him in May, and Napoleon-like, he is in the midst of them in February. I have no time to add more.

George C. Childers

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