Alexandria Virginia
A Patrotic Dinner Invitation
~ 1840 ~

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Folded Letter Sheet
Red Circular Postmark:

       JUN 29
Manuscript Rate:
       Revd Henry Slicer
       Mr G S Hough & others
       Letter never answered --
       June 23, ‘40
       Invitation to be
       present at a
       public dinner
       on July 4th at
       Alex, Va
Alexa June 23d 1840
Dear Sir
       We are firmly persuaded that the preservation of the liberties and real prosperity of our beloved country depends upon the strict construction of that inestimable instrument, the constitution of the United States, bequeathed to us by our wise and patriotic forefathers, and that it is upon this rock, the democracy of the country is founded. They go not for men their motto has a more exalted bearing, they go for principles, and by this they have always been known from the foundation of the Government to the present day, the same from the Arostook to the Sabine, and from the Atlantic to the Rocky Mountains -- In support of this principle, the undersigned on behalf of the Democratic citizens of Alexandria and Fairfax County Va, respectfully request the presence of your company at dinner to be had at Shuters Hill, on the 4th July next, where we may interchange sentiments and commune in the great interests of the country.

To the Revd H. Slicer
Most respectfully yours &c.
Geo. S. Hough
Saml Bartte
Geo. H. Smoot
Jno H. Brent
Isaac Kell senr


____ are all well & ____ our respects to Elizabeth
G. H. S.

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Wesley Lanham, Boynton Beach, FL, 2004

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