“...Alick is the son of the said negro woman slave...
...named Polly...”

Lynchburg, Campbell County Virgina ~ 1847
(Lynchburg has been an independent city since 1852)

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Lynchburg Virginia cover.

Red Circular Postmark:
       DEC 7
Manuscript Rate:
(Rate in 1847: Over 300 miles, per ½ oz.: 10 cents.
Lynchburg to Nashville, approximately 431 miles.)

       Jno T. Smiley, Ck
       Circuit Court of Nashville
       Davidson County

State of Virginia.
Corporation of Lynchburg to wit
John Whittington of lawful age this day made before me a justice of the peace for the corporation aforesaid that he has been for a long time well acquainted with a colored man named Alexander (commonly called Alick) who came from years since removed from this vicinity with Mr. Thomas Ferguson or his son to the state of Tennessee. That he the offiant know the said man Alexander or Alick from his birth until his removal as afroesaid that he, the said Alexander or Alick, was born the slave of this offiant’s brother Thos Whittington, a resident of the county of Bedford, in this state -- that the said Thomas Whittington departed this life in or about the year 1831, having previously proved and recorded in the county court of said county of Bedford whereby he emancipated all his slaves and amongst others the said Alexander or Alick. That he, the offiant, has on this day referred to the register kept by the said Thomas Whittington of the ages of his slaves and find the said Alexander here registered us having been born on the 28th day of September 1820 - that the said Alexander or Alick is the son of the said negro woman slave who was the property of the said Thomas Whittington named Polly. That the said Alexander or Alick is a man of low stature, square, and stout built, dark complexion, open conntenance when spoken to, speaks promptly and pertly and stammers or stutters a little, particularly when excited or irritated.
Given under my hand this 6 day December 1847
D. R. Syman, J.P
John Whittington

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