“Lt. Williamson is Arrested”
Fort Monroe
Elizabeth City County Virginia
~ 30 April 1832 ~

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Fort Monroe is located in Hampton City. Hampton is a Virginia independent city incorporated in 1908. Originally was part of Elizabeth City County which was founded in 1634, terminated in 1952. Old Point Comfort post office was located at or near Fort Monroe.

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The fort was begun in 1819 and was completed in 1834. As a young lieutenant of engineers, Robert E. Lee was stationed here during 1831-1834. One of the names listed in this letter is that of Capt. Huger. Huger was one of Lee’s friends and was stationed there with Lee. Huger later became CSA Civil War General after a distinguished career in the Union Army.

Red Circular Postmark:
Red Handstamp:
PAID (struck twice)
Manuscript Rate:
18 ¾
Capt H. W. Griswold
N. Ca
The P. M. will please ford this to Beaufort if the Company has left --
Letter’s Author:
M. Williamson
Fort Monroe
Ap. 29th 32
Dear Sir
       Your letter of appointment was recd on 28th -- I regret that I can not commence on 1st May but will endeavor to leave here one the 8th -- being detained to make arrangements --
Allow me to congratlate you on your promotion as Real Captain (as Patrick says). There is much Military news here. The ordnance Corps is said to be fixed The following gentlemen Confirmed.
Col. Bomford
Col. Tolcote
Maj. Craig
Maj. Worth
Cap. Baker
"    Wade
     R. B. Mason
     Hills & another -- I do not remember --
     Lt. Williamson is arrested by Genl Macomb for disrespectful language & a court has been ordered to convene here on the 5th May -- Col. Arbucle President, Doct Archer Judge Advocate -- their are five Infantry Officers on the Court -- the balance are the Senior Captains present here.
Arrangements are making for Camp and troops are in daily expectation for the movement. ==
I will thank you to allow Mr. Lindsay Continue the supplies of the Camp & until I am able to join --, -- the profits Shall be exclusively his --
                     Very Respts
Signed:                          M Williamson

To: Capt. H. W. Griswold
E. Eveleth has just brought
home a wife unexpected to
all his family -- (Miss Butts
of Alexandria /

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot
Provenance: David Phillips, 1998

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