~ the Monitor lays within 20 Rods of us ~
~ she is a prety looking Critter ~

Fortress Monroe
Elizabeth City County Virginia
~ 30 November 1862 ~

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Black circular postmark (partial),
Postage stamp removed:

OLD P__ Va
(Old Point Comfort, the postoffice at Fort Monroe)

Mr. Bacus Ensworth
Mexico, Oswago Co.
New York
Letter’s Author:
Chas _ Green

Fortress Monroe
Nov 30, 1862
Dear Brother
Yours of the 2,4, came duly
to hand & assure you it was warmly welcome by Me. You cant think how good it Makes a Man feel to hear from his friends at least when he is far from home. I have begun to think that you were either very busy or had forgotten me. Well Backus I supose you would like to know how I like soldiering, as far as soldier life is conserned it is good but as I see further as to the cause of the war, it makes me mad -- there was no use of having it but it [is] no use for me to say anything -- if you were here Just two weeks you minght after your time some go ashore here at any of the principal depots & you will se Numbers of black fellows which is considered to good to fight in their own cause laying around & the government supporting them the ___ the ____ = I believe that we shall see some fighting soon but let it come -- the sooner it comes the sooner we shall know who is best -- I hope that the General will do something this time -- the soldiers as far as I have seen say that if this thing is not closed up by the first of April next they will lay down their Arms if it cant be done at that time we minght best as well hang up the field -- I have not heard from Horase since I have here but I guess it was because he was sick -- I think I shall write to him to day = Well, Backus I have not much to write I am affraid it will not interest you much -- the Monitor lays within 20 Rods of us -- she is a prety looking Critter -- Jan has seen her Description of her often & I will not try.--
       There is near twenty thousand troops in the Harbor & more expected every day -- Where we are bound is a mistery to us but we think to Richmond or Charleston -- it may not be either -- We go ashore every day that the weather permit & Drill -- yesterday there was four regt drilling at the same time. Men was prety thick but I supose I shall see more before I get round
       I am very much obliged for those stamps -- it rather hard work to get them here -- Backus write soon to me & I will try to write something more interesting -- Please to give My respects to all the friends & except this from your friend & brother

Chas _ Green

       Undoubtedly Chas Green was on a ship off of Fort Monroe. He says he was 20 rods from the Monitor. A rod is 16½ feet in length. 20 rods would equal 330 feet.

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