Spotsyvania County Virginia
“Grace Will Make a Very Able Wench”
~ 1783 ~

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Mr Edw Herdon

Letter’s author:
Jos. Herndon


You must not send the cart back empty, either get me a Hnd. of Shells, or Send the Salt, if you Cannot readily get Shells this time. I desire you will provide Some against the cart comes down again. I want some Iron. Let there be one bar that will Suit for the Kitchen chimney to hang Potts. The bar must not be less than 8 or 9 feet Long. I must have a Dutch Oven if you can get one. Send me 7 or 8/. in Small money. Mr. Crutchfield would be glad you would sent his barrel of Flour now Water is Plenty -- you Seem to be in a way of buying Negro’s. I think you had better Keep your Plantation as a Standing home for them untill you are able to get land. Grace will make a very able Wench, & you may have her & pay for her very easy. I shall be willing to do you a Service without hurting the Other children for I Consider myself only as a Steward in trust for them. The Family wants Silk for three Bonnetts, I can hardly Expect you to get every thing at once. get them as you can spare the Money. I shall send 100 Bushells of Oats if you like -- I am going to be ill again.
Yr. affect. Father
Jos. Herndon

31 Aug 1783

Grace Taken on this letter
at 75£ agreement
E. Herndon

“Grace” is most certainly a Negro Slave.

From the Collection of Frederick Smoot

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