The Tableof Our Ancestors
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God bless the cakes and bless the jam; Bless the cheese and the cold boiled ham; Bless the scones Aunt Jeannie makes, And save us all from belly-aches. Amen. By Robert Service.

Family Graces

Grace of Our Ancestors
G. Kay McGee, Arrington Tennessee

Dear God, We thank you for this food For the nourishment of our bodies For Christ's sake Amen.
Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs, Cleveland Ohio

God is greatGod is good . Let us thank Him for our food.By His hands we now are fedLet us thank Him for our daily bread.Amen
Bryan and Connie Byrne

                                                            Kind and heavenly Father,
                                    make us thankful for this food,
                                    bless it to our good and us to
                                    Thy bounty.

Our family started in SC and migrated to Mississippi.  Don't know which branch of
the family originated this but it was the grace we said each evening before eating.

                                    O Lord, pardon our sins
                                    And accept our thanks
                                    For these and all thy blessings,
                                    We humbly ask, for Christ's sake,
                                                                                            Deborah Carter: This prayer has been passed down through the Ogletree
                                                                                                            family of Talladega Co., Alabama, for many generations:

                    Lord we come to you giving thanks
                    for this food. Bless it for the
                    nourishment of our body.
                    In your name we pray.Amen

                                           Come Lord Jesus ,

                                            Be our Guest.
                                            Let this food to us be blessed.
                                            In your holy name, Amen
Susie Hartley
This is a South Carolina Favorite

Dear Heavenly Father
We thank you for this food set before us.
Bless the hands that prepared it,
Bless it to be a nourishment to our bodies
and in return, Use our bodies for Your service.
In Jesus' name we pray,  Amen.
The prayer my father prayed at mealtime.
Brenda Harvey

I am from a family with 8 children & we now have 5 children of our own.
We have sung this little song, holding hands, before our dinner prayer for many years....
*the tune is cute, I wish there were a way to send it, as well!!
Allison Baumann

Kimberly E. Reddington
My sons class says a little prayer:

God our Father
God our Father
We thank you
We thank you
For the many blessings
For the many blessings,

My daddy died in 1979 at the age of 72.  I have always remembered the prayer he prayed at every meal:
 I still think that our food tastes better when it has been blessed.
Brenda Harvey

Dear Heavenly Father:
We thank you for this food set before us.
Bless the hands that prepared it.
May it be a nourishment to our bodies, and use our bodies for your service.
In Jesus name we pray and for His sake.

Thomas Family Blessing - North Carolina

Kindly Father, Pardon Our Sins

And Give Us Hearts To Be Thankful
For These And All Other Blessings
In Christ's Name

This is the one we were taught
when I was growing up in NY.

Annette G
Bless us oh Lord;
And these, Thy gifts;
Which we are about to receive,
From Thy bounty,
Through Christ Our Lord,

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