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Killed Salad
(Wilted Salad)

Contributed by Mary Floy Katzman

     This salad is called “Killed Salad,” it is also called “Wilted Salad.” First you break up some greens - any salad greens will do, I also add whatever needs thinning from the garden - beet greens, spinach, etc. Add some onions/scal lions. In the meantime cook about 6 slices of bacon until its crisp and crumbly. Keep the bacon drippings hot and add some vinegar, water and sugar to taste. Be sure to keep that simmering. Crumble the bacon over the greens and just before serving, pour the hot dressing over the greens. Toss quickly, serve and eat right away. The reason its called killed or wilted salad is when the hot dressing is poured over the gr eens, it very quickly wilts - thus the name killed or wilted salad. Hardboiled eggs can also be crumbled over the top. I've also added mushrooms when I think of it. It has to be eaten quite warm. You know what bacon grease turns into when it cools. Yuck! However any leftovers can be warmed in the microwave for a few seconds.

     My grandmother and mother used to make it quite often. We could never get enough. I have about 5 cookbooks from the mountains and each one has at least 3 recipes for it.


Fresh salad greens

Onions or scallions

Bacon, 6 slices

Vinegar, to taste

Sugar, to taste


Eggs, hardboiled, optional

Fresh mushrooms, optional

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