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9 Day Pickle

(Mrs. Burdick)

7 pounds cucumbers, 3" or smaller

Place in stone jar and cover with a brine made of 1 pint of salt and a gallon of plain cold water. Let stand 4 days. Then pour off brine and cover with clear cold water and let stand 3 days. Wash and split cucumbers. Split each one, regardless of size. These pickles may also be made from 5-6" cut into 1/2" rings. Now put in kettle 2 cups of vinegar and enough water to cover cucumbers. Add a handful of green grape leaves and a slightly rounded teaspoon of alum. Simmer 2 hours. Pour off liquid and place in crock. Heat 3 pints of vinegar and 3 lbs. of sugar and 1 ounce of cloves or allspice. Pour this over pickles and let set overnight. Next day, pour off juice and boil. Pour liquid over pickles again. Third morning pack pickles in jars and add vinegar mixture, boiling hot, and seal.

submitted by Fred Smoot

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