William Parkinson

Excerpt from History of Madison County, Illinois, Illustrated With Biographical Sketches of Many Prominent Men and Pioneers, (W. R. Brink & Co., Edwardsville, IL; 1882).

St. Jacob's Township Page 465-466

Contributed by Judith Weeks Ancell

"William Parkinson, a native of White County, Tenn., came to the township in 1816, and lived on the Searcy farm which was originally the Chilton place, near the old fort. May 31, 1817, he entered his first land, the west half of the southwest quarter of section one, eighty acres. After his family grew up and settled in life for themselves, he sold out and moved to Wisconsin, where he died. None of his family live in the county. Washington Parkinson, his brother, came two years later. The first two crops he raised in the Marine prairie. In 1820, he settled the E. C. Dugger place, section two. The records show that he entered this tract of eighty acres in the fall of 1816. he had three children born to him in White County, Tenn., viz: William, George, and Alfred J., and two in Madison county, viz: Catharine, who died a young girl, and Melinda B., who married Edward C. Dugger. The old gentleman improved a fine farm, was a successful farmer, and lived here a quiet citizen until he was assassinated, in 1846. He was in his sitting room just after supper, when someone unknown, in the darkness of the night fired a shot through the window and during the excitement that ensued made his escape. The murderer has never been brought to justice. Alfred J., his son, who was born in White County, Tennessee, January 20, 1816, is one of the prominent farmers of the township, having often been called upon to fill important positions of honor and trust. At the present writing he is a member of the State Legislature. In 1842, Miss Mary E. Baldwin became his wife, and they have nine children, seven sons and two daughters."