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White County, Tennessee
Revolutionary War Veterans
In 1840 Federal Census

Abstracted from M704 Roll 536 by Mitzi Freeman

Patrick Hewit Age 100 living with Jonathan Clenny
John White Age 83
Turner Lane Age 78
John H. Miller Age 77
Edward Helton(Melton) Age 77 living with Joseph Herd
Thomas Hill Age 84 living with Winfield Hill
Elijah Alverson 78
Thomas Crawley Age 86
Burgess Clark Age 77
George Silsworth Age 83
John Ditty Age 84
John Ellisson Age 78
Thomas Welch Age 91
Alexander Cooper Age 77
Samuel Weaver Age 78 living with Ruben Briles
Henry Marsh Age 75
William Butram Age 81
Isaac Graham Age 100 living with Charley Graham
John Weaver Age 75 living with Benjamin Weaver
Solomon Yager Age 82
Thomas Moore Age 78 living with William Shockley
Abel Pearson Age 78 living with Joseph Cummings
Thomas Shockley Age 80 living with William Shockley
Joseph Cummings Age 78
Jess Hopkins Age 78
Samuel Moore Age 81

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