White County, TN
Wills, Inventories, and Guardian Reports (1810-1828)

While every name in the original document is included, some names were listed several times, representing multiple Wills, Accounts of Sales, Debt listings, and other court documents. These multiple listings are not included here, except as noted. Spellings are as listed in the original index, except for obvious mistakes, which were corrected from the actual document. Even so, expect deviations from modern spellings.

- Sandy Keathley

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Allen, John Inventory
Anderson, MatthiasInventory
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Bantom, JoshiaWill
Bartlett, ElijahInventory
Bartlett, James Will
Barton, William Will
Bazwell, Lunsford Inventory
Bedwell, Elisha Inventory
Billings, John Inventory
Bohannon, Henry Will
Bohannon, William Inventory
Bowman, Levi Inventory
Boyd, Robert Inventory
Bradshaw, Joel Inventory
Bryan, John Jr Inventory
Bryan, Morgan Will/Inventory
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Carr, AlexanderInventory
Chisum, Elijah Jr Inventory/ Will/
Guardian Report (GR)
Chisum, William Account
Clay, Matthew Will
Conner, James Inventory
Cook, Alexander Inventory
Cook, Mary C.GR
Cook, William Will
Crabtree, IsaacInventory
Crawley, Asa Will
Creary, ArchibaldWill
Craighead, Alexander Inventory
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Daniel, JamesInventory
Daniel, WilliamInventory
Davis, MosesInventory
Davis, WilliamAccount
Dean, Benjamin Inventory
Dickerson, GeorgeInventory
Dillion, Carter Will
Dodson, Eli Will
Dodson, HenryAdministration
Donoldson, WilliamWill/Inventory
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Edwards, James S.Will/Inventory
England, ElijahInventory
Erwin, RachelWill
Evans, DavidInventory
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Farley, John Inventory
Fitzgerald, WilliamWill
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Gibbs, BenjaminWill/Inventory
Gier, David Account
Gleeson, Edward Inventory
Gleeson, Gory F.Account
Glenn, Alexander Inventory
Glenn, RobertInventory
Goad, IshamInventory
Goolsby, John Inventory
Gow, DavisWill
Grace, James Will
Gracy, William Will/GR
Griggs, John Will
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Haily, Jesse Inventory
Hall, John C. Inventory
Harbert, Thomas Inventory
Harper, John Inventory
Harris, Hartwell Inventory
Henry, George Will
Hill, James Inventory/GR
Hitchcock, Elijah Inventory
Horn, Sherod Inventory
Howard, James Inventory
Hutson, Burrell Will
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Isham, James Inventory
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Jarvis, William Inventory
Johnson, James Will
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Keathly, James G. GR
Keathly, Jesse GR
Kerr, Alexander GR/Account
Kerr, James Will
Kiser, George GR
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Lance, Elijah Inventory
Leffew, Uriah Inventory
Lewis, William Will
Little, Merril Inventory
Long, John Inventory
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Marton, Nathaniel Inventory
Massa, Thomas Inventory
Maybourne, David A. Inventory
Maybourne, David H. Committee Report
McClane, James Inventory
McClarn, James Inventory
McClearn, J. Account
McDowell, John Inventory
McFarland, DanielWill
McGarrah, Thomas Inventory
McLarne, James Committee Report
Miller, James Inventory
Moore, Frances Will/Inventory
Mott, Assi Account
Murphy, Jesse Inventory/Administration
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Noarse, Lawson Inventory
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Owen, Harrison Will
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Parmer, William Inventory
Paron, Aaron Will
Peak, James Inventory
Pistole, John Sales
Pistole, Martha Assignment
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Quarles, William Will
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Reece, Henry Account
Roberts, ThomasInventory
Robertson, John Inventory
Robertson, Mary C. Will
Rogers, William Will/Inventory
Ross, Daniel Inventory
Rutledge, John Inventory
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Savage, KendallGR
Sawyers, Elijah Account
Shaver, AndrewWill
Short, BurrelInventory
Simpson, JamesWill
Simpson, Polly Account
Smallman, John Will
Smith, Drury Inventory
Sparkman, George Will
Stamps, SandfordInventory
Stewart, Elisha Inventory
Stewart, John Will
Stewart, Thomas Inventory
Suttle, BushredWill
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Taylor, Isaac Will
Taylor, James Inventory
Taylor, Rebecca Will
Taylor, Thomas Inventory
Templeton, James Will
Terry, Jesse Inventory
Thomas, Alexander Inventory
Thomas, Frances B. Account
Thomson, Cathrine T. Will
Thomson, Thomas T.Will
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Vendaver, Arnold Inventory
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Walker, Davis Inventory
Wallace, Elias Will/Inventory
Warren, Blewford Will
Whitely, Joseph Will
Wilson, William Will
Wisdom, ThomasWill
Witherly, Joseph Inventory
Wood, J.C.H. not listed
Worley, JohnWill/Inventory
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