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Soldier Index

The Soldier Index is a Tribute to the soldiers that fought for their country and came home to tell about it. Email me to submit a short paragraph, photo, or a link to a site with information on your Tennessean that served in WWI.

Your info will be placed in this section during the next update.

Note: All names whether they came home or not will be included in the Hall of Fame page.

Soldier: John Benjamin Cates
Submitted by: Darlene Meloche
John Benjamin Cates, from Franklin County Tennessee served in WWI. He was a member of the Horseshoe Supply Company, 117th Infantry, 30th Division and served in Belgium, France and on the Hindenburg Line.

Soldier: Charlie LeRoy Fowler
Submitted by: Jonelle Fowler
Charlie LeRoy Fowler from Del Rio, Tenn. served in WWI in the 57th Pioneer Infantry.

Soldier: Joe Walker Green
Submitted by: Phyllis Green
Looking for father.

Soldier: Henry Holland
Submitted by: Stacey Holland
My grandfather served in WW1 in the 321st infantry company F. I do not know much about him. He died before I was born, but I do know that he was a sharpshooter. Wish I could have met him.

Soldier: Nathaniel Harvey Maclin Sr.
Submitted by: Lawrence Maclin
Private Nathaniel Harvey Maclin Sr. was born March 27, 1894, in Keeling, Tennessee and was inducted in the National Army in Brownsville, Tennessee on June 20, 1918. He served overseas in France in the 163rd Depot Brigade, and with Company B 804th Pioneer Infantry. Nathaniel was awarded the Victory Medal and the World War I Victory Button (Bronze) and was honorably discharged March 10, 1919 due to the end of the war.

Soldier: Theoplis Maclin
Submitted by: Lawrence Maclin
Private Theoplis Maclin was born August 21, 1895, in Keeling, Tennessee and was inducted in the National Army in Brownsville, Tennessee on July 16, 1918. He served in the 158th Depot Brigade and with Company E 813 Pioneer Infantry. Theoplis was honorably discharged October 2, 1918 due to some type of injury. In view of his occupation, he was awarded 10 percent disability.

Soldier: William F. Rogers
Submitted by: Brenda Philpott
This man was my grandpa. I can remember him some. Just found his obit and read he had received the Purple Heart during WW1. I would like to have some proof about this or even see his name on a list of men who fought in this war.

Soldier: James Sterling Smith
Submitted by: Helen L. Smith Hoke
James Sterling Smith served in the 2nd TN Inf Co D CSA. Margaret L. Smith was the pension applicant. Pension# W10713

Soldier: Albert Burdette Speight
Submitted by:Thomas Albert Speight
My grandfather, A.B. Speight, from Clarksville, served our country in WW1. I believe he became a corporal. I have many postcards of fellow soldiers from the war. (Very few names). I also have a log book that he apparantly had to fill out regularly concerning his troops movements & activities. I understand he was married at least three times before marrying my grandmother. I am currently working on our geneology line.

Soldier: Hansford Watson
Submitted by: Sheila Stephens
John Hansford Watson lived to return home but had suffered some disability after the war. His brother Reubin Joshua Watson was Killed In Action.
A photo of Reubin can be found in the Hall of Fame

Soldier: James Dorsey Whitmore
Submitted by: Lawrence Maclin
Private James Dorsey Whitmore was born August 1889, in Mason, Tennessee and was inducted in the National Army in Somerville, Tennessee on October 28, 1917. He served in Company L 368th Infantry. Shortly after entrance in the army, James died of Pneumococcic Meningitis on December 11, 1917.

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