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Tennesseans in World War I

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Hall of Fame

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Photos, corrections or data for your ancestor can be submitted here.
The soldiers with ** (red stars) have been added by submitters, they were not in the original data, but I feel that they should be included if they served during WWI.

Last NameFirst Name
Home TownRankCause of Death
LinkMisc. Info
Walter Cunningham Private Killed In Action  
EARLE Jackson C. Knoxville Private Accident  
EARLE Patrick B.N. Knoxville Lieutenant Wounds  
EARLS Eugene Nashville Private Accident  
** EASTERLY James Byrdstown Private ?? Letter  
EATON Charles William Memphis Sergeant Disease  
ECKEL William H. Knoxville Lieutenant Wounds  
ECKLES George H. Memphis Mechanic Wounds  
EDGE Floyd East Chattanooga Private  
EDMONDSON Marvin E. Corbondale Private Wounds  
Charles C. Memphis Private Disease  
EISON Hosie Halls Private Disease  
ELAM Lenzy Lagate Private Disease  
ELBON Ben W. EastLake Cook Killed In Action  
ELLIOTT Anderson Mountairy Private Disease  
ELLIS Fife W. Jr. Chattanooga Sergeant Accident  
ELLIS Nash Henning Private Disease  
ELLIS Nathaniel W. Tellico Plains Lt. Wounds  
ELMORE Murrell H. New Market Private Wounds  
ELROD Albert D. McMinnville Corporal Wounds  
Chester F. Murfreesboro Corporal Killed In Action  
EMERSON Hobart E. Niota Private Disease  
EMERT Lem E. Sevierville Private Wounds  
EMPSON Robert T. White House Private Disease  
ENGLEND Zummer Dickson Private Disease  
Last NameFirst Name
Home TownRankCause of Death
LinkMisc. Info
ENLOE Luna Wesley Sevierville Private Disease  
EPPERSON Frank Sherwood Corporal Killed In Action  
ERWIN Dee Povo Private Wounds  
ESCUE Maynard Ripley Private Disease  
ESSLINGER Trice H. Covington Private Wounds  
Louie Altamont Corporal Wounds  
ESTES Idol Morristown Private Disease  
EVANS Arthur Bearden Sergeant Disease  
EVANS Ed Stantonville Private Killed In Action  
EVANS Herbert J. Lynnsville Private Wounds  
EVANS Joe H. Rockwood Private Killed In Action  
EVANS Leroy Forbus Private Killed In Action  
EVANS Lester N. Winchester Private Disease  
EVANS Luther East Chattanooga Private  
EVANS Richard C. Palmyra Corporal Wounds  
EVANS Thomas J. Buffalo Valley Private Killed In Action  
EVITTS William J. Dover Private Disease  
EWING James Glendale Private Disease  

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