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Photos, corrections or data for your ancestor can be submitted here.
The soldiers with ** (red stars) have been added by submitters, they were not in the original data, but I feel that they should be included if they served during WWI.
The soldiers with three red stars *** died while in service.  Did they die of disease, wounds, accident or were they killed in action?
(Names courtesy of East Tennesse Veterans Memorial Association).

Last Name First Name
Home Town Rank Cause of Death
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Auls Maryville Sergeant Killed In Action  
Claude Surgoinsville Private Disease  
FARLOW Charlie J. Chapel Hill Private Disease  
FARMER Fred Cleveland Private Killed In Action  
FARMER Tobey Nashville Corporal Killed In Action  
FARRAR Clarence Manchester Private Disease  
Cecil O. Buntyn Private Accident

FEATHERS Edgar Piney Flats Private Killed In Action  
** FEATHERSTON William R. Cedar Hill Private ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
Meek Sevierville Private Wounds
Meek Feezel
18th Infantry, 1st Infantry Divison
Sevier County Tennessee (Birds Crossroads)
Killed in Action, July, 1918 France
Pat Kelly
Hubert Flag Pond Private Killed In Action  
** FERGUESON Reed Cookeville Private ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
FERGUSON Clarence McK Lobelville Private Killed In Action  
FERGUSON John H. Meadow Private Wounds

FERGUSON Reid Memphis Corporal Killed In Action  
FERRETER Jim Brownsville Private Disease  
FERRIS Ernest Columbia Private Killed In Action  
FIELD Thomas C. Dickson Private Disease  
FIELDS Henry Scranton Private Disease  
Vaden Earl Middleton Private Came Home
Service number 4,431,045
Served in the Army as a Private from Aug. 30, 1918 to Dec. 24, 1918.  Vaden never went overseas and survived the war and lived until March 09, 1976.
William Taylor First cousin twice removed of Vaden
FILSON John William Nashville Private Disease  
John F. Sevierville Private Disease  
FINLEY Neil B. Memphis Lieutenant Killed In Action  
FISHER Evert Viola Private Disease  
FISHER John L. Lancaster Corporal Killed In Action  
FISHER Ran D. Memphis Private Disease  
Last Name First Name
Home Town Rank Cause of Death
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FITCH Charlie Sweetwater Private Killed In Action  
FITZGERALD Walker S. Silver Creek Private Disease  
FITZHUGH Luther Friendship Private Disease  
** FLATT Arthur ?? Private ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
** FLATT Ike Bagdad Private ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
Sidney Haydenburg Private Disease  
** FLATT Wesley P. Jackson Corporal ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
FLEMING John W. Sevierville Private Disease  
FLEMINGS Frank Memphis Private Killed In Action  
FLEMINS Robert Murfreesboro Sergeant Disease  
FLENNIKEN John J. Knoxville Private Killed In Action  
** FLETCHER Marion Norman ?? ?? Disease Letter  
FLETCHER Willie E. Livingston Private Disease  
FLOWERS Earl Columbia Private Disease  
FLOWERS Martin L. Holliday Private Disease  
Azel B. Alexandria Private Disease  
FLOYD James C. Rogersville Private Killed In Action  
FLOYD Robert K. Brush Creek Private Killed In Action  
FLUNK Eber N. Crump Private Killed In Action  
FLY Earnest Humboldt Private Disease  
FLY Prentis Gibson County Private Disease  
Clarence C. Memphis Sergeant Accident  
** FLYNN John A. Gainesboro Private ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
James M. Aspen Hill Private Accident  
Charlie Joseph Church Hill Private Disease  
Last Name First Name
Home Town Rank Cause of Death
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Jesse G. Bumpus Mills Private Killed In Action  
FORD Virgil Grassy Cove Private Disease  
FORE Birdo Pocahontas Private Disease  
** FORKUM Melvin Near Whitleyville Private ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
FORREST Alfred C. Denver Private Disease  
FORRESTER John W. Mountain City Private Killed In Action  
FOSTER Jack Daylight Private Killed In Action  
FOSTER Robert C. Eaton Cook Killed In Action  
James M Smithville Private Wounds  
FOWLER Alvin Knoxville Private Disease  
Charlie LeRoy Del Rio ?? Came Home Soldier Index  
FOWLER Will Iron City Private Disease  
FOWLKES Ben M. Dyersburg Private Disease  
FOWLKES Willie Dyersburg Private Disease  
FOX Daniel Solo Creek Private Disease  
FOX John O. Sevierville Private Disease  
FOX Thomas C. Memphis Private Wounds  
FRANCE Will F. Etowah Private Killed In Action  
FRANCISCO James T. Arthur Private Killed In Action  
** FRANKLIN John W. Gainesboro Private ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
Alfred Memphis Private Disease  
FRAZIER Frank S. Franklin Private Disease  
FRAZIER Walter R Newbern Private Killed In Action  
FREE Charlie C. Newport Private Wounds  
Gilbert Dean Clarksville Private Came Home  
US Army.
Served in France.
Came home to Montgomery County, TN
Died of natural causes
Submitted by: Randy Rubel - Montgomery County , TN Genealogists

Thomas J. Chattanooga Private Disease  
Last Name First Name
Home Town Rank Cause of Death
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FREEMAN William T. Dyersburg Private Disease  
FREEZE Lawrence Summitville Private Killed In Action  
** FRENCE Paul ?? ?? ?? Letter  
FRENCH David Knoxville Corporal Wounds  
FRENCH Marshall New Market Private Disease  
James H. Covington Private Disease  
FRIERSON  Meade Jr. Nashville Captain Killed In Action  
FRITH Thomas R. Nashville Private Killed In Action  
FRITTS Fred W. Chattanooga Captain Disease  
FROST Robert L. LeeValley Private Disease  
Clarence H. Columbia Lt. Accident  
FRY John Bulls Gap Private Killed In Action  
FUGUA Isom M. McEwen Corporal Disease  
FULCHER William P. Memphis Private Wounds  
FULLERTON Vern J. Manchester Private Killed In Action  
FULTS Henry Coalmont Cook Killed In Action  
FURCHESS Wesley M. Emberville Corporal Disease  

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