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Tennesseans in World War I

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Photos, corrections or data for your ancestor can be submitted here.
The soldiers with ** (red stars) have been added by submitters, they were not in the original data, but I feel that they should be included if they served during WWI.

Last Name First Name
Home Town Rank Cause of Death
Link Misc. Info
James W. Adamsville Private Disease  
INGRAM Charles L. Woodlawn Private Disease  
INGRAM John Roan Mountain Private Killed In Action  
Carl Baxter Roane County  
Came Home
Carl received disability payment for his service, due to going deaf and mute during battle.
Died in the 1960/70's.
Buried in Piney Grove Cemetary
Betty Jenkins
**ISHAM,  Walter Roane County  
Came Home
Died in the 1960/70's.
National Cemetary in/near Dayton, Ohio
Betty Jenkins
IVEY William L. Pierce Station Private Disease  
IVY Elbert C. Parsons Private Killed In Action  

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