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Tennesseans in World War I

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Photos, corrections or data for your ancestor can be submitted here.
The soldiers with ** (red stars) have been added by submitters, they were not in the original data, but I feel that they should be included if they served during WWI.

Last Name First Name
Home Town Rank Cause of Death
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James E.
Medal of Honor Recipients Medal of Honor
Thomas J. Memphis Lieutenant Wounds  
James L. Powder Springs Private Killed In Action  
Joe Bethpage Private Disease  
KEENAN Homer Humboldt Private Disease  
** KEETON Burris ?? ?? ?? Letter  
William A. Limestone Private Accident  
Leo Knoxville Private Killed In Action  
KELLOW James A. Murfreesboro Corporal Killed In Action  
KELLY Arl B. Knoxville Private Disease  
Arl Britan Kelly
Knox County
57th Pioneer Infantry
Died of influenza enroute to France on the Transport Levithan September, 1918
Pat Kelly
KELTON Charley C. Christina Private Disease  
KENNEDY Abe L. North Chattanooga Private Disease  
KENNEDY Chester H. McMinnville Lieutenant Killed In Action  
KENNEDY Floyd Sardis Private Disease  
KENNEDY Joe T. Bear Springs Corporal Wounds  
Lester I  
KENNERLY Sam B. Dechard Private Killed In Action  
KERRIGAN Frank A. Nashville Private Killed In Action  
KESTERSON Vestus Mohawk Private Disease  
KETCHEM James Bristol Private Killed In Action  
KEY Sam Lansing Private Wounds  
Oscar Calhoun Private Wounds  
KIDD Adrian W. Knoxville Corporal Killed In Action  
KIESTLER Robert L. Toone Private Disease  
KILGORE John I. Victoria Private Disease  
KILLEN Andrew J. Loretto Private Killed In Action  
Last Name First Name
Home Town Rank Cause of Death
Link Misc. Info
KIMBEL Ashley Linden Private Disease  
KIMBROUGH Charley C. Flintville Private Killed In Action  
KIMES Clarence F. Friendship Corporal Killed In Action  
KINDLE Clyde D. Decaturville Private Accident  
KING Daniel I. Sevierville Private Disease  
KING Jimmie Arrington Private Disease  

KING Joe D. Friendship Private Wounds  
KININGTON Lloyd W. Humboldt Sergeant Wounds  
** KINNARD Jim Gainesboro Private ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
KIRBY Fred S. Sparta Private Disease  
KIRBY John E. Boston Private Killed In Action  
KIRBY Willis Algood Cook Disease  
KIRKLAND Joseph W. White Haven Private Disease  
KIRKPATRICK Richard F. Knoxville Lieutenant Killed In Action  
KIRWIN Thomas M.. Nashville Private Wounds  
Gordon Crawford Private Killed In Action  
** KLOPE William Paine ?? Seaman ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
Gillis (or Gilles) Leon Memphis
Came Home
My grandfather, Gillis (or Gilles) Leon Knoblock, was born on 28 Jun 1892  in Raceland, Lafourche Parish, LA to Voltaire Adelard and Ophelia Baudoin Knoblock.
He lived for a time in Georgia before moving to Memphis Tn.
He served in WWI, although I don't have all of his military history at this time.  We called him "Graddy" because his oldest grandchild (I am his youngest grandchild) couldn't say "Granddaddy".
He never lost his thick Cajun accent (I really don't think I understood much of what he said!).
He died on 9 Feb 1972 here in Memphis.
His wife Gladys died a few months later,  on 18 May 1972.
KNOTT Charlie I. Dickson Private Accident  
KNOWLTON Walter H. Humboldt Private Killed In Action  
KOGER Victor H. Nettle Carrier Corporal Killed In Action Letter  
KOLWYCK Oren C. Humboldt Private Killed In Action  
KOONCE Curtis H. Fayetteville Private Killed In Action  
KOONCE Theodore Fayetteville Private Disease  
KOONTZ Floyd T. Knoxville Private Killed In Action  
KOSMINSKI Robert R. Covington Private Disease  
Last Name First Name
Home Town Rank Cause of Death
Link Misc. Info
KYLE Joseph W. Tullahoma Corporal Killed In Action  
KYLE Levere Coulterville Corporal Killed In Action  

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