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Tennesseans in World War I

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Photos, corrections or data for your ancestor can be submitted here.
The soldiers with ** (red stars) have been added by submitters, they were not in the original data, but I feel that they should be included if they served during WWI.

Last NameFirst Name
Home TownRankCause of Death
LinkMisc. Info
David R. Binghampton Private Killed In Action  
Alvia Knoxville Private Wounds  
Robert Boyden Memphis Captain Disease  
UNDERWOOD Von C. Kodak Corporal Disease  
UPCHURCH Herbert Cottontown Private Killed In Action  
** UPCHURCH Hiram A. Whitleyville ?? ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
** UPCHURCH James B. Gainesboro Private ?? Jackson County Men in WWI  
UPTON John E. Soddy Private Disease  

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